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Service Department

Trust the Harvey RV’s Service Experts

Servicing your RV need not be an overwhelming task. The highly skilled technicians at Harvey RV’s are always here when you need them. Our service team has you covered from routine scheduled maintenance to interior and exterior upgrades. From basic repairs to advanced collision damage and custom fabrication. Our expert team can also take care of your hitch installations, satellite dishes, generator installations, complete solar set ups and much more. You can rely on Harvey RV’s service specialists to get the job done right.

Our service and repair center is staffed by expert technicians, with a combined 50+ years’ experience. Committed to keeping up with the latest in techniques and technology, our service team routinely attends factory and industry training.

Performing proper preventative maintenance can keep even aging RVs going strong. Our New Service Check-In Form which includes our Healthy RV Checklist can help ensure years of worry free travel. Properly maintaining your RV’s exterior, appliances and critical systems can help prevent expensive replacements. By performing maintenance on a regular basis, you can maximize the life expectancy of your RV and protect your investment.

Express Service Check-In Procedure

At Harvey RV’s we’re continually working to improve the customer service experience as well as help to educate our customers about their units and how to properly maintain them. Staying in that tradition, we’ve created our new Express Service Check-In Form. This form includes our popular Healthy RV Checklist, a great tool to help you to assess and document your service and maintenance needs and submit them online directly to our service department prior to dropping your unit off. The information you provide using this form helps to expedite the entire service process from your check in to parts research to completing and returning your unit to you in a timely fashion.

For your convenience, we’ve created three ways to utilize this service.

  1. Print, Input & Send. Click on Print Express Service Check-In Form. Print one or more copies (The forms are handy to keep in your unit to document things as they arise while you’re on the road). Fill it out as you walk around your unit assessing it for any service and maintenance items you need. When complete, sit down at your computer, input the information into the Submit Express Service Check-In Form Online, when complete, click submit & give us a call (207)-990-5081
    Print Service Check-In Form
  2. Smartphone, Tablet. Using your smartphone or tablet, click on the “Submit Express Service Check-In Form Online“, as you walk around your unit and assess its service and maintenance needs type them directly into the form. When the form is complete, click submit and give us a call (207)-990-5081
    Submit Express Service Check-In Form Online
  3. Bring it with you. As always, we’re happy to help. Should you not have access to a computer and are unable to utilize the online submission, we’ll be happy to input the information for you.

When utilizing the form be sure to fill out the top of the form as completely as possible so we have the latest and most accurate contact and unit information for you. The lower section of the printed form features our popular Healthy RV Checklist, this checklist helps guide you through the inspection process and is a great reminder to take notice of the things so easily and often overlooked.

We understand our customers are busy, we’ll work with you in any way we can to make the service experience as convenient as possible. At Harvey RV’s our lot is never gated and we offer an after hours’ key drop box located on the front of the service building. Whether you choose to drop your unit early AM on your way to work or after hours, whatever works for you. Give us a call (207-990-5081) and we’ll work out the details that best fit your busy schedule.

Real Time Service E-Mail and Text Notifications

Would you like to have real-time Notifications for your service work via Text messages or email?

If you would like to have us text or email you at the completion of your camper being serviced or would like real time communication while your camper is here, please make sure we have your most recent contact information including cell phone number, cell provider and your email address.

Harvey RV’s is Going Mobile

Harvey RV's Truck

In response to an enormous amount of requests from you our valued customer Harvey RV’s will now start offering on-site service on a limited basis.

Currently, as we ease into this expansion of our service department we will be scheduling appointments on Saturday’s only. As time goes on we will evaluate all aspects of this service and will likely start accepting appointments more frequently.

As you can imagine, offering a service such as this in a state the size of Maine represents a significant investment and commitment of manpower and resources.

Balancing affordability for our customers and feasibility of cost to offer this service we have created the following On -Site service policy and road service fee schedule that applies to all customers.

Harvey RV’s On-Site Service Policy

All service appointments are scheduled on a “first available” basis.

Manufacturer warranties do not cover road service calls. Manufacturer warranties will cover the parts and labor associated with the individual coverable repairs only. Should you choose, for your convenience, to have the service you require performed on site the appropriate fees will apply

Extended warranty policies do often cover a single road service call per incident. All scheduled services utilizing extended warranty policies must be pre-authorized by the extended warranty company and are subject to approval based on the coverages purchased within the individual policy. Any applicable deductible negotiated as part of the contract will be added in addition to the appropriate service fee(s). The extended warranty policies coverages for road service are typically limited to a single visit. Should multiple visits be required standard road service fees will apply on any subsequent visits needed to complete the repairs.

Road Service Rates
Service Call Fee $100.00
Labor Rate $95.00/Hr.
All non-warranty repairs are subject to State of Maine taxes – 5.5% on parts only, labor is not taxed.

Payment for all on-site services can be paid by credit card or personal check with proper identification directly to the service technician, or if you choose, you can call 207-990-5081 and pay by credit card over the phone.

Maintenance Tips

Cleaning & Protecting

Maintaining the exterior of your RV is critical to its longevity and has a significant impact on the unit holding its value over time. A thorough “Top Down” cleaning of your unit should be the starting point of any regular maintenance schedule. Whether your exterior is fiberglass, metal or one of the new composites available today, it’s much easier to identify areas in need of maintenance when the unit is clean. There are multitude of products available specifically designed to help you maintain the exterior of your unit. The choices can be overwhelming to say the least. Remember, the parts and service staff at Harvey RV’s is always here and eager to assist you in choosing the products that are correct for your specific unit.

We recommend that you start with a mild liquid wash designed for RV exteriors. Products with a wax additive are available if you prefer. Avoid dish soaps, they are much harsher than you would think and should not be used. A good quality medium to soft bristle wash brush with a telescoping handle is a huge time saver when tackling the job. You may also have to deal with those stubborn black streaks. they result from dirt, pollution and particulates deposited on your RV by mother nature every time it rains. Years of experience have narrowed down the choices of “Black Streak Removers” to a couple that actually work. The parts professionals at Harvey RV’s will be happy to assist you in selecting the right tools and materials to keep your units’ exterior in tip top shape through the years.

As always, should you choose to have the Harvey RV’s service team take care of these things for you, we’re just a phone call away and happy to help.

Roof Cleaning & Exterior Wash Service

Proper care & maintenance of your Rubber, T.P.O. or Fiberglass roof is critical to the longevity of your RV.

Take advantage of our Roof Cleaning & Exterior Wash Service and travel with confidence that your roof is ready for whatever mother nature throws at it.

Up to 24′ $299.00 (typically takes up to 3 hrs.)

24′ & over $399.00 (typically takes up to 4 hrs.)

Roof & Sealants

In all RV’s, the exterior sealants perform the very important function of keeping water from getting into places it shouldn’t. When an RV is built, the manufacturer incorporates many different types of sealants including butyl and putty tapes, encapsulated foam, non-sag sealants (side walls), self-leveling sealants (roof) and spray foams.

Over time these sealants can become damaged and/or deteriorate due to exposure to the elements. This is why it is extremely important to properly maintain and reseal your RV as needed. Failure to regularly inspect and maintain your sealants can result in serious water damage that can be costly to repair and is typically denied by insurance companies as “lack of maintenance” and not covered by any standard warranty.

Listed below are a few things you can do to ensure that you are properly maintaining your sealants.

Inspect all sealants, a minimum of every three months. Make sure to check the roof and the entire unit exterior including all moldings, windows, doors, vents, and exterior attachments. A quick walk around the RV prior to leaving on each trip can help identify potential problems. Replace the sealants (touch-ups) if you notice any cracks, peeling, voids, gaps, breaks, or any sign of physical deterioration. Remember to always try to use the same type of sealant originally used in the application to ensure compatibility and proper adhesion.

At Harvey RV’s we’re always here and happy to help. Whether you prefer to have our trained technicians inspect and maintain these things for you or you’re simply seeking some advice on the proper products and techniques to use. We here and happy to assist.

Lubrication & Adjustments

There are a few items on your RV, as with any mechanical system, that will require periodic inspection, lubrication and perhaps adjustment. These include the entry steps, tongue jack, travel trailer coupler mechanism, stabilizing jacks, fifth wheel landing gear, compartment & entry door lock cylinders and perhaps most importantly slide-out mechanisms.

The advice you’ll hear around the campfire on which products to use for each application will likely be as colorful as the people telling the story. The truth is, the environment that you live and travel in plays a significant role in which products will perform best for you. For instance, you’ll hear that a dry graphite lubricant is best for lock cylinders. For the most part that’s true. But, if you live in a moist humid climate, graphite can clump and become “cakey” causing a whole new problem within the lock cylinder. Here in the north eastern part of the country our climate experiences dramatic changes in all of the variables. Temperature, humidity etc… Regularly lubricating your cylinders with a silicone based spray during the summer months works very well. Also very effective, though usually costlier are sprays that contain P.T.F.E. or Teflon.

For the mechanical systems on the exterior of your unit that will be exposed to the road when traveling like entry steps, stabilizing jacks and couplers. We recommend a lubricant that will adhere to the surface yet not be so sticky that it will pick up and hold dust, dirt and debris from the road. It’s always best to spray these things down when you wash your unit. When dry, lube them again. One of the most effective products we have found for maintaining these systems is Thetford Slide Out Lubricant®. The same product you’ll use to maintain your slide out drive system which we discuss next.

Most of the larger RV’s produced today are equipped with “Slide Out Rooms”. These slide outs revolutionized the RV industry in their ability to dramatically increase the amount of available interior living space. Along with the benefit of this available space comes the need to maintain these mechanically. Making sure the rooms are properly adjusted, performing regular maintenance on the drive mechanisms and conditioning the seals is critical to their proper function and longevity. Properly adjusting a slide out room requires training and experience and should always be performed by qualified personnel. You should keep the slide out drive mechanisms and exterior seals lubricated with products specifically designed for the application such as Thetford Slide Out Rubber Seal Conditioner® and Thetford Slide Out Lubricant®. The Service Check-In procedure here at Harvey RV’s which includes our Free Healthy RV Inspection will help ensure these critical mechanical systems are not overlooked.

Tires, Brakes, Bearings & Suspension

Undoubtedly the most important systems on your RV when it comes to your family’s safety out on the open road. Regularly maintaining the “running gear” under your unit is critical to reaching your destinations safely and helps significantly in avoiding those costly roadside breakdowns in unfamiliar territory. Topping this list is your tires. Regularly inspect the tread and side walls of the tires for any damage, cracking or uneven wear patterns. Replace the tire or tires if any of these conditions is detected. Remember to check your spare tire and also keep it in top condition. You never know when you may need it.

Second on this list, but certainly no less important is your brakes. Test them regularly. If you notice any type of “brake fade” or excessive brake dust on your wheels have them looked at by a qualified professional. Should you need to replace your brakes, make sure you inquire about “complete brake assemblies”. This is the most cost effective way of replacing your brakes should they need it. Also, remember that if you need to replace the brakes on any single wheel for any reason, it’s best to change both brake assemblies on the axle to ensure even braking in the future.

Brake Backer
Brake Backer
Shackle Bolts
Shackle Bolts
Bearing Kit
Bearing Kit
U Bolts
U Bolts

The type of electronic brake controller your using also plays a significant role in the longevity and effectiveness of your travel trailer of fifth wheel’s braking system. We recommend avoiding the less effective “timed” and “pendulum” style brake controllers. Today’s technology utilizes electronic proportional braking. Proportional brake controllers sense how fast a trailer’s tow vehicle is coming to a stop and provides an equal (proportional) amount of power to the trailer’s brakes. All of the factory equipped brake controllers in today’s trucks are proportional. If you’re still using an old style controller you should seriously consider upgrading. The new controllers are quite affordable, typically only take a few minutes to change out and offer a significant difference in performance and functionality. The Primus IQ and Prodigy Brake Controllers by Tekonsha® go one step further and offer several onboard diagnostic features that monitor your entire trailer brake system for things like short circuits, overloads and even warn you if your trailer has come unplugged from your vehicle.

The vast majority of RV’s out there utilize a simple yet proven wheel bearing system. The typical quoted service interval for “repacking” these bearings is “every 3 Years or 10,000 miles” whichever comes first. Many choose to have them repacked every year. A frequent visual inspection of the front and back of your wheels, looking to see if any grease is leaking from the bearing assembly and periodically feeling your hubs for excessive heat when traveling are important safety precautions every RV owner should take. If you detect anything out of the ordinary, have your unit looked at as soon as possible. Any service of these systems would require disassembly of the hub and should be performed by trained personnel. Most people choose the convenience of having any brake service they may need performed in conjunction with their scheduled bearing service to help minimize maintenance labor costs.

The friendly, knowledgeable staff in the Harvey RV’s Service Department understands that it’s all about family and relaxation when you hit the road with your RV. We’re always striving to improve our processes to make them as comprehensive and convenient as possible.

Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call the Harvey RV’s Service Team today to discuss any of your RV service needs.

Happy Trails!

Sealtech 430-R

Sealtech 430-R RV Leak Detection and Prevention
Have you found evidence of a leak and can’t seem to track down the source?

Do you simply want to have the piece of mind that goes along with being sure you don’t have any elusive leaks?

Harvey RV’s is proud to offer the state of the art Seal-Tech 430-R leak detection system.

The same advanced technology used by many manufacturers to test new units before they’re released to dealers.

Search out and eliminate leaks before they become costly repairs.