Spring Service Suggestions…Yup, it’s finally here!

The long awaited signs are finally in the air!…SPRING! It seems the relentless grip of ole’ man winter has finally let go.

It’s time to think about digging out the camper and getting ready to go! If you’re feeling anything like we are, you and your family can’t wait for that first trip!

Here’s a few pointers from the service pro’s at Harvey RV’s on what to look for when inspecting and prepping your camper for the upcoming season.

Give it a bath…A good scrub down of your campers exterior will not only freshen it up for spring, but it will significantly reduce the likelihood that you’ll miss those problem maintenance areas when inspecting the condition of the camper overall and the exterior sealants.

Inspect the exterior… from the roof down. After a good scrub and rinse any problem areas will be much easier to detect. Separated, peeling sealants. Cracked, chipped or broken plastic accessories, vents, skylights etc… Winter sun, snow and ice can be rough on these parts.

Did You Know?… The majority of sealants used on today’s RV’s are Tripolymers. It is not recommended to use Latex nor most Silicone based sealants on any RV. There are several different materials used in the construction of an RV. Metal, Fiberglass, Plastic, Rubber etc… All of these materials expand and contract at different rates when exposed to the elements. Tripolymer sealants withstand that fluctuation better and remain adhered to the dissimilar materials protecting your RV from water infiltration and damage. Consult the parts or service departments at Harvey RV’s for advise on what to use and where.

Test Fire your Appliances… Just like it sounds… Fire everything up. Put it through its paces now so you’re not faced with issues the day before you want to go camping. Not only should you make sure they all fire up, but actually run them for a few hours… Heat a couple tanks of water, on both gas & electric if you have the option. Run the refrigerator overnight at least…did it cool well? Fire up the furnace and let it heat the RV through a few cycles of cooling and heating. These tests will help ensure there are no surprises when you head out on that firs adventure.

As always, should you need some assistance, give the Harvey RV’s Service Team a call at 207-990-5081 we’re here to help in any way we can.


Happy Trails!